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My name is Kristýna Kubíčková and I am the Czech Miss Earth winner. During my trip to the finale of the international competition (Miss Earth) in Asia, I saw a lot of beauty around me.

It is there that I realized that women are a reflection of the environment that they live in. As long as we treat our body in a way that is in harmony with nature, we will be healthier and more beautiful. That is the same way it is with Petitfée. Cover yourself for a moment with natural Korean extracts and uncover their secrets.

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About Petitfeé

Since 2007 the company Petitfée has specialized in products which are designed for daily skin care. The products of Petitfée support skin vitality and resistance against external harmful influences.

The name of the company comes from the combination of the French words “petit fee” which when translated means “tiny fairy.” The Korean company uses mainly hydrogel in the production of its cosmetic products which is developed from sea algae, and thanks to this they have achieved the ideal way to deeply moisturize skin.

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